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Your Trusted Payroll Services in Pembroke Pines

Strict federal and state regulations make payroll one of the most time-consuming business functions, especially as your company continues to grow and expand. When you outsource your payroll with the firm of Janette L Davis, CPA, LLC, you can trust us to be meticulous in our approach so you can be confident in the accuracy of our work.

Our team puts our exceptional financial services to work for you from the moment we begin speaking. If you're looking for payroll services in Pembroke Pines, let us streamline your processes and help reduce your daily stress. Contact our office today to schedule your initial consultation.

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Benefits of Outsourcing Payroll Services

Time savings, higher productivity, and lower administrative costs are essential advantages of outsourcing payroll services. This added convenience allows you to focus on the core aspects of your business.

Another benefit of hiring our { payroll professionals is you'll avoid mistakes that attract IRS penalties, such as incorrect or late filings and numerical errors. Our team of experts has a deep understanding of local, state, and federal tax regulations to ensure you're always in compliance. We also specialize in other aspects of payroll, including benefits and deductions, workers' compensation, and human resources.

Understanding Payroll

There's more to payroll than just financially rewarding employees. The process also involves monitoring hours worked, determining employee pay, and sending the appropriate amounts to staff bank accounts. You must also withhold and record payroll taxes, sick time, overtime pay, bonuses, and vacation pay.

Other considerations include social security, Medicare, and unemployment taxes. By outsourcing your Pembroke Pines payroll services with us, you'll have peace of mind that all these factors are accounted for, and your employees are receiving their accurate compensation. We'll also calculate payroll taxes and other relevant deductions before paying your staff.

Relevant Payroll Help Needs

Depending on your company's annual gross sales and other regulatory factors, you must comply with federal employment laws. The most vital is the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), which protects employees against unfair workplace conditions and pay practices. Among its regulations include guidelines on minimum wage, child labor, and overtime pay.

Our Pembroke Pines payroll services team determines the regulations your company must comply with and implements systems and processes to ensure you're meeting your requirements. We take into consideration the different laws that apply to volunteers and independent contractors as well. Once all your requirements are determined, our firm can run your payroll, after the fact or before the fact. We will also set up direct deposit and create W-2s when needed.

How to Compute Pembroke Pines Payroll Taxes

The actual calculation method depends on local laws and your business entity. However, the following general steps will help you assess payroll taxes:

1. Determine your staff's gross pay

Most organizations pay their employees on a weekly, biweekly, or monthly basis. Gross pay refers to a worker's hourly pay rate multiplied by the hours worked in a particular period. For salaried employees, it's the annual remuneration divided by the pay periods in a year.

For example, if an employee's annual salary is $91,000 and they receive payment twice every month, it translates to 26 pay periods. Therefore, their gross pay is $3,500.

Pre-tax deductions include 401(k), health insurance plans, HSA, and FSA contributions. These deductions reduce the employees' taxable income.

Federal law requires businesses to deduct a portion of an employee's check to comply with the Federal Insurance Contributions Act (FICA). This includes percentages that go to Medicare and Social Security. Other taxes depend on local, state, and federal requirements for your industry.

The IRS provides tax tables to help with this process. In addition, the agency ensures tax compliance by requiring employers to fill out Form 941 and employees to have a W-4 withholding certificate.

After-tax deductions include Roth 401(k) contributions, union dues, and long-term insurance payments. We can also execute wage garnishments to pay off the debts of your employees. Once we make all the above deductions, the remaining amount is the employee's take-home pay.

Exceptional Help with Payroll Services in Pembroke Pines

The accounting firm of Janette L Davis, CPA, LLC is your go-to firm for premium payroll services in Pembroke Pines. This process is available in three distinct phases. Before beginning, we help you apply for an employer identification number from the IRS, as well as local and state tax IDs. Then, during payroll processing, we prepare employee schedules, overtime, deductions, and gross pay. After every payment period, we'll update your payroll records and review your processes for any errors. Other crucial services include reporting new employees to the IRS and helping you set up and maintain payroll software solutions.

Our team is the partner you can trust to help you save time, money, and resources. Let us remove the stresses of processing payroll with our accurate and reliable services. Schedule a consultation with us today for more details.

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