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Non-Profit Accounting Services in Pembroke Pines , FL

Not-for-profit organizations face many challenges that for-profit businesses do not, making the back office operations more difficult for those without experience. Janette L Davis, CPA, LLC provides non-profits in Pembroke Pines and the neighboring communities with comprehensive accounting support through bookkeeping, payroll, and cash flow services.

Non-Profit Compliance and Bookkeeping

One of the hardest tasks for many non-profits is maintaining the compliance standards for tax exempt entities. Our Pembroke Pines non-profit accounting professionals ensure that your organization maintains 501(c) exemption status through timely filing of 990’s and all other necessary paperwork.

For any activities unrelated to the direct operations of your non-profit, Janette L Davis, CPA, LLC is also available to file the necessary taxes.

In addition to filing the paperwork and taxes for your organization, we perform the regular bookkeeping tasks for your business. Accurate recording of donations to your non-profit help us to create cash flow projections, and to proactively plan for future revenue constraints. Accurate bookkeeping also helps our firm to generate statements of financial position for your non-profit, opening the door to future sources of revenue. We can also help to establish effective internal controls for your organization, limiting the possibilities of human error and potential fraud.

Payroll Services

While non-profits are tax exempt as entities, paid management, consultants, and employees are still subject to regular state and federal taxes. At Janette L Davis, CPA, LLC, our non-profit Pembroke Pines payroll services ensure that Medicare, Social Security, and all necessary fees are withheld and paid in an accurate and timely manner. Our outsourced payroll services provide complete support for non-profit organizations, avoiding any fines that can arise from payroll issues.  

Cash Flow Management and Projection

The primary difficulty facing non-profit organizations is the strain of irregular cash flow. At Janette L Davis, CPA, LLC, we are experienced helping non-profits identify potential new sources for funding, including the acquisition of grants. Combined with our bookkeeping services, Janette Davis, MBA CPA is able to create accurate cash flow projections for tax exempt entities, working proactively to avoid the loss of funding, and to plan for times when funds are not readily available.

Backed By TRUST

In order to provide better accounting support to all of our clients, Janette L Davis, CPA, LLC also provides TRUST assessments through our site. This assessment allows us to have a better understanding of your business prior to your consultation, and enables us to create strategies that best benefit the immediate and long term success of your non-profit.

To take our TRUST assessment today, click here.

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Whether as a church or a charitable organization, Janette L Davis, CPA, LLC is experienced in providing comprehensive support for non-profits. Our quality tax and accounting services are available for organizations throughout Pembroke Pines , Hollywood, Fort Lauderdale, and the neighboring communities.

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