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Tax Problems

Tax Problem Resolution Services in Pembroke Pines

Fines and damage to credit are only two examples of how prolonged tax problems can affect you. At Janette L Davis, CPA, LLC, we provide tax problem resolution and IRS representation to help individuals pay down what they owe, or dispute the Internal Revenue Service’s claim of back taxes.

If you have received a notice from the IRS, contact our Pembroke Pines tax professionals to schedule your tax resolution consultation.

How Tax Problems Arise

Whether you underpaid on your tax return, creating back taxes, or previous late filings created penalty fees, tax problems can have lasting effects on personal and professional finances. The IRS will initially attempt to contact a taxpayer through a letter to notify them of amounts owed. Should the person who owes continue without contact or an attempt to pay down fees, a lien on their wages, property, or bank accounts can be put into effect. While these do not have an immediate impact on a taxpayer’s credit, this places the IRS first among their creditors and can make it difficult to obtain new investment or lines of credit.

If back taxes continue to be unpaid, a levy will be placed on the business owner’s personal property. This indicates the actual seizure of assets in order to pay down the amount owed.

IRS Representation

As a certified accounting professional, our accountant represents your interests before the IRS. Should you like to dispute the claim of back taxes owed, we can help you gather the necessary paperwork that demonstrates what you are legally liable for.

Resolution and Repayment

For individuals who are found to owe, we provide support in setting up plans for repayment or other means to reduce the amount owed, avoiding the strain that comes from significant debt to the IRS. If clients have unfiled taxes, we submit documents for previous tax years.

If individuals or small businesses owe significant amounts, we can also help to establish repayment plans that don’t strain your personal or professional income. These plans can include offers in compromise, or innocent spouse relief to protect personal credit where applicable.

Once repayment has been settled, Janette L Davis, CPA, LLC provides continued support, ensuring that taxes for successive filing years are filed in a timely manner and liability is minimized. Visit our tax planning and preparation page to learn more about the tax services at Janette L Davis, CPA, LLC.

Contact Janette L Davis, CPA, LLC

If you have received a notice from the IRS or need to file previous years’ taxes, schedule your consultation with Janette L Davis, CPA, LLC today. We provide tax problem resolution and ongoing planning and preparation services for individuals and businesses throughout Pembroke Pines and the neighboring communities. 

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